31 days Project: Day 5

Day 5 of my 31 days project – Elephants, elephants, elephants

In this clip in Inception the idea of elephants is planted into Saito’s head. This clip has been altered slightly for some comedy value to highlight how we can ruminate about something over and over again. This creates a stronger neuro-signature if we continuously think/believe something or meets our expectations – neurons that fire together wire together (reference). Persistent pain can have that effect. It dominates our lives as we consider what is safe to do and what is not. If we continue to be fearful about particular tasks that we perform throughout our lives and associate them with pain then we will more than likely experience pain.

enjoy the clip and let me know your thoughts?

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip




  1. Hi, this resonates with me! Anytime I bend over a sink I tense my sacrum as I fear my lower back will get painful due to an old memory of really hurting my back while leaning over a sink years ago!! Am working on not expecting the pain…!


      1. Hi, just seeing this now, thanks for response. It has gotten much better. It now mostly happens if I’m standing on one leg while bending over to pull jeans onto the other leg. Doing glute strengthening work seems to be improving things a lot. I notice if I go for more than 2 consecutive days without doing my glute work, i start to slightly sway from side to side and feel quite unstable on one leg.


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