The Naked Physio Clinical Pub Quiz is the only pub quiz in New Zealand specifically designed for health and medical professionals.

Capturing knowledge, creativity and philosophy from all professions (OTs, Physios, Nurses, Medics, Psychs etc) the quiz brings a diverse set of categories, with a wee bit of general knowledge in there for good measure.

It can take a lot to organise a pub quiz.

So, we will take care of the following:

  1. List of categories specifically tailored to the content and theme of your conference.
  2. Attendee numbers (minimum 25 / maximum 50). This will depend on the size of the pub venue.
  3. All projecting equipment and equipment for practical rounds.
  4. That all attendees abide by the quiz rules.
  5. That everyone has a fun night!

Whilst we take care of all questions, tasks and equipment we do ask you for a helping hand in the following areas.

  1. Where your conference is located, so we can find the nearest pub to host the pub Quiz
  2. A gold coin donation (not compulsory)
  3. Access to your attendee list so we can send out notifications

Unfortunately we won’t arrange for paid food or drinks at the venue. We expect the patrons to fund their fuel and beverages during the quiz.

Here’s some stats from the NZPS conference pub quiz

’29 (of 30) people who attended the Quiz in Christchurch responded
 – of these 62% enjoyed themselves very much
 – 17% selected ‘fairly enjoyable’
 – 21% selected ‘somewhat enjoyable’
 – 90% said they’d attend if we held a Quiz at the 2020 meeting.

To arrange a pub quiz for your conference or course please fill out the contact form below