31 days project: Day 6

Day 6 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign – Parasite up your butt

Today we have a family guy video. You may have seen this in one of my previous posts Stewie and the Vulnerable organism model. I felt it was pertinent to share it again in support of TBNPABC. This clip shows Stewie starring in his own tv commercial about back pain.  Interestingly each of the clips are contextual – back pain lifting the box in the garage, neck pain driving the car and wrist pain in the office. These are the environments where we might associate pain with those areas of the body. There is also the chance of experiencing either of the pain examples in any of the environments.  Furthermore there are examples of nocebo language in this clip that can affect implicit beliefs about back pain (reference, reference); if you think a parasite will swim up your butt and give you wrist pain well……  (I couldn’t find any references for it) After watching the clip if you want to learn more click on the link (here) to read about Stewie and the Vulnerable Organism Model. Enjoy!

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