31 Days Project: Connectivity

I'm always on the hunt for new information on why physiotherapists should broaden their perspectives through 1)  how we connect with people and 2) in what ways we connect with them. Connectivity is an emerging concept in physiotherapy. Several papers have been published discussing and arguing the broader view of the connections people make between ‘one’s [...]

31 Days Project – The extended Mind

Professor Andy Clark is philosopher of mind and cognitive science. He has taught and written in areas of cognitive science, in particular his publication 'Natural Born Cyborgs' is an insightful read about the extended mind. This episode of the 31 days project looks at an example of his work on the extended mind. The theory of [...]

31 days project: Day 31

Day 31 the final day of the 31 days project - getting stronger! I thought about the final clip a lot and pondered on a few ideas taking suggestions from other people interested in the project and the end result seemed to fit. I think it was best to end with this clip. The rocky [...]

31 days project: Day 30

Welcome to the penultimate post for the big naked pain and brain campaign - forgiveness and acceptance This is the second clip from the railway man. It highlights that although the scars can still be there in the background forgiveness and acceptance is part of moving forward as opposed to being consumed by suffering. Pain [...]

31 days project: Day 29

Day 29 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign: I just felt like running Forrest Gump has had quite an appearance on the 31 days project but that's because there are so many appropriate references towards pain and the brain. This final clip highlights the many reasons why exercise has such a significant impact upon [...]

31 Days Project: Day 28

Day 28 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign - Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something Today's clip is from a great movie and from an amazing journey of one individual. The pursuit of Happiness is based on a true story of a father and son's journey from homelessness to [...]

31 Days Project: Day 27

Day 27: Hope Again Today's clip refers to an individual that has lost his way. In this scene from x-men days of future past Charles speaks to his future self about how he is surrounded by pain and overwhelmed by it. How being afraid of our pain can make us lose hope when trying to [...]