31 days project: Day 7

Day 7 of The big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign – The pitfalls of modern medicine

Today – a clip from the Simpsons, there are so many wonderful references in this clip towards the failings of medical treatment for LBP. In this clip Homer has hurt his back and goes to see Dr Hibbert, after receiving an x-ray (listen to Dr Hibbert’s use of language) (reference) and Homer’s suggestion of drugs and surgery (another wonderful reference towards public perception). Homer is referred to a chiropractor to have his spine straightened/realigned/put back in place, call it what you will. This of course doesn’t actually happen in real life (reference, reference, reference) (unless you have a serious spinal pathology, but then you wouldn’t want your spine manipulated!) but the suggestion of what is wrong with Homer’s back from his doctor, the pain and disability he experiences, has the potential to increase Homer’s anxiety and fear about his back. The Nocebo (meaning) treatment from the Chiropractor did help Homer but because of cost and commitment (that could lead to an external locus of control) motivates Homer to try to manage his own back pain (yay!) which he does by falling over a rubbish bin (trash can) later on in the cartoon. Unfortunately Homer learns to manage his back pain through his own nocebo experience (boo!).

Hope you enjoy the video!

Got any comments?


P.S. this video is not a dig at Chiropractors, I intend no offense and my approach to modern healthcare supports a holistic and integrated care approach that is evidence based.



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