31 days project: Day 3

Day 3 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign: The tooth beaver

Today’s clip is more classic cartoons – Ren and Stimpy was renowned for having very controversial references and graphic scenes but I loved it! The creator of the Ren and Stimpy had a real way of emphasising specific messages in his cartoons with more detailed art. This clip is a scene from Ren’s toothache. The cartoon has a beautiful way of emphasizing the pain and suffering that Ren experiences and Stimpy’s pain metaphor (which probably makes the experience far worse) of the tooth beaver is fantastic! (reference) I don’t know about you but going to the dentist is a pretty scary experience for me, drills, sharp pokey stabbing things in my teeth, tooth extractors and now the tooth beaver!!  ahhhh!! No wonder catastrophising is associated with dental pain!  (reference, reference)

Enjoy the clip and please share your comments, keep brushing or the tooth beaver will get ya!

tune in tomorrow for the next clip



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