2015: A new year for more nakedness

This is a brief thank you to all that have supported thenakedphysio this year. The last 5 months of 2014 writing my blog page has seen a mixture of thoughts, reactions, inspiration and collaboration. Having had some real eye-opening discoveries during my clinical career and meeting like-minded people (one in particular) have inspired me to write and join the blogging world. I have received some real complements and criticisms this year already that were completely unexpected and those that…… well……. I did expect.

Writing a blog can be very intimidating, it can be controversial which can lead to criticism, which can make you very apprehensive but can also fuel your ego! Something to be very careful of. I found it very difficult to find the courage to place my posts out on the likes of twitter as I felt like a nobody in comparison to some of the clinicians I follow, respect and admire. Who would want to read my posts? Yet the beauty of some clinicians i know is that they respect and often embrace the same values, philosophy and enthusiasm for learning. We all have something to say and writing a blog can be one way to express your thoughts and opinions.  However, seen from a different perspective can also be regarded as a screen to hide behind. I have learnt and am of the opinion that it is important to acknowledge if you intend to write a blog it is all the more important that you can deliver the same quality evidence and material to colleagues in a conversation. (back your claims!)

I see this as an extra challenge as those that do write blogs relish a conversation about their passion, beliefs and the material they share. They welcome opinions, are open-minded to suggestion and critiques and reciprocally are receptive to the same from other blogging clinicians. Hence my reason for writing this final post of 2014.  To say thanks to all those members of the public and clinicians that follow my posts. My intention, and will continue to be, that the nakedphysio is seen as a learning resource for the general public and clinicians.  2015 will see topics on upper limb, more pain science, more philosophy, more topics from physiotherapy rehabilitated, more interviews with other clinicians and a little 100 days project that I am currently collating. There may even be the odd course synopsis.

I ask that you all continue to share the same message and more importantly continue to place your opinions and comments down on twitter, FB and/or here in order to provide a horizontal message to the general public and clinicians that medical care is going through a paradigm shift, that our old way of treating the body now incorporates more of the mind, that now for some reason because medical research has shown that there is a connection between body and mind spiritualism in its westernised form appears to be more accepted. (a wee taster of things to come!)

So I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone that has supported thenakedphysio, to continue to enjoy the festivities as we approach 2015. I look forward to bringing and sharing more explicit nakedness with you in the new year!

Have a Happy New Year and watch out for more exposure of my thoughts and opinions in 2015!




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