A festive thank you: 2015 round up

Well I’ve had an exciting and challenging year. Blog posts, starting a podcast (yes another fucken podcast), a facebook community page, peer review for a major journal, arranging courses, an AUT study and have met, shared and laughed with many wonderful people along the way. So I wanted to extend my gratitude to a number [...]

2015: A new year for more nakedness

This is a brief thank you to all that have supported thenakedphysio this year. The last 5 months of 2014 writing my blog page has seen a mixture of thoughts, reactions, inspiration and collaboration. Having had some real eye-opening discoveries during my clinical career and meeting like-minded people (one in particular) have inspired me to write and join the blogging world. I have received some real complements and criticisms this year already that were completely unexpected and those that...... well....... I did expect.

Passive Therapies are they obsolete??

Manual Therapy is the bread and butter some clinicians might say when it comes to treatment. There are various schools of thought on treatment application. This is a short report on my thoughts on Passive therapies and the evidence and critiques surrounding it. The discovery of pain science and a better understanding of brain neurophysiology has changed the way we think about treating patients.