31 days project: I’ve turned up to every appointment

“Your doctor has asked me to write a report on why there’s been so little progress”

Those words must be dreaded by every person that lives with pain. It must be hugely invalidating for someone who has been through so much in an attempt to try and understand, resolve or “get on top of” their pain.

In this clip from the movie Cake, we see Jennifer Anniston’s Character (Claire Simmons) in hydrotherapy working with her physical therapist. Claire has been living with chronic pain after a car accident that took the life of her young son. She underwent major surgery as a result of the injuries she sustained and of course suffered immense trauma mentally. The film has had its fair share of criticism. I understand more as an attack on Jennifer Anniston herself rather than really looking at the message that the film is portraying.

Today in hydro, Claire’s pain is pretty bad, but darn it, you can’t fault her commitment. She has really tried to work on getting better. The reaction of her physical therapist in this clip I suspect, is something people living in pain experience daily. The look of “I give up!”

I think that whilst we (clinicians) are trying to help, we need to understand that we can’t make it about us despite the pressures we get from insurance companies, Doctors, specialists etc. Every person suffering from chronic pain is more than their pain. Their story is deeper than their treatment plan.

Enjoy the clip.




One response to “31 days project: I’ve turned up to every appointment”

  1. Susan Moore Avatar
    Susan Moore

    May the good Lord bless you deeply. Thank you for this!


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