31 days project: Day 21

Day 21 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign – PTSD Memory and Pain

This clip is from a fantastic movie: the railway man. The clip shows a happy Eric at the beginning and then a somber and disheveled looking Eric at the end. This clip shows how suffering from past experiences can create difficulties in being able to move forward from such a horrific ordeal. The clip shows physical as well as emotional and behavioral aspects of pain from sweating and a look of fear to screaming, resistance and anguish to finally a look of despair and solitude. Persistent pain manifests in many ways but the emotional circumstances can be quite similar. Words such as worry, fear, anger, denial, loss, upset, anxiety can all describe a stressful event.  Persistent pain sufferers can fall into this group, they have sustained trauma and suffer with stress and anxiety etc (reference, reference). A further clip from this movie will appear in TBNPABC at a later date to give a perspective of what can be done to manage such cemented scars.

Thanks for watching the clip, got any comments?

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip



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