31 Days Project: Day 22

Day 22 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign – Fear is a choice

Today’s clip is from the not so great movie After Earth. The speech that Will Smith gives his son about fear being a choice is not entirely accurate. Fear is an emotion that can be expressed through behavior (running away, rooted to the spot) that is relative to interpretation of context. Persistent pain is driven by fear, anxiety, worry perhaps from what we believe, what we have been told or what we read and see. It’s important to understand that fear is not completely a choice as it is pertinent to the context but it can be changed with training. However being fearful of certain things in some instances is of high importance. You’re fight or flight system kicks in. Do you face it? or do you run and hide/avoid it?

Enjoy the clip your thoughts and comments are welcomed!

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip



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