31 Days Project: Day 20

Day 20 of the Big Fat Pain and Brain Campaign: I know what you know before you know!

Sounds like a conundrum doesn’t it? Yet neuroscience research is discovering some very interesting results around conscious and unconscious brain activity. This clip from BBC science is thought-provoking, could be interpreted as disturbing or frightening but could help to understand the processes behind the decisions we actually make.  It could also explain that there is more of a link between our conscious activity and brain activity and how our beliefs, memory and perceptions shape our decision-making. In terms of pain it could help us to understand the decisions that we might make based around our sub-conscious processing. Therefore helping us to understand and educate persistent pain sufferers more about their beliefs and decision-making and how that molds the final process of our behavior towards the action that we take.

Enjoy the clip and would be great to hear your thoughts on whether you agree with my reasoning or not.

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip.



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