31 Days Project: Day 11

Day 11 of the Big Naked Pain & Brain Campaign – Fear leads to anger

Star Wars! Of course I had to add this! The wise words from Master Yoda. Pain encapsulates all these emotions which results in the behavior of suffering/catastrophising (reference, reference) The Dark Side, Metaphorically synonymous with pain is familiar to persistent pain sufferers. They experience these emotions regularly hence inevitably leading to the dark side. If you consider what Yoda is referring to look at the star wars episodes I – III. Theories include Fear is what Anakin experiences in the Phantom Menace, In Attack of the clones he turns to anger, in Revenge of the Sith he gives in to hate, then as Darth Vader he is suffering throughout the original trilogy.

Listen to the words of Wisdom from Master Yoda

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Tune in tomorrow for the next helping of the big naked pain & brain campaign




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