31 days project: Day 12

Day 12 of the big naked pain and brain campaign – The everlasting itch!

Another clip from family guy. I’m sure you’ll see a running theme from me regarding family guy! In this clip Stewie is sitting with Brian after he broke his leg. Stewie is asking if Brian is suffering from an itch under the cast. The itch can be a metaphor to the passive treatment paradigm. You get the massage or the manipulation feel great but then have to return a few days later to get it done all over again.  Just like the itch! In addition the power of suggestion is difficult to avoid on a daily basis.  We are surrounded by information that can influence our beliefs and behavior everyday. When it comes to pain what we see, hear and are informed about can either increase or decrease our pain response, or in Stewie’s case the itch that doesn’t go away! (reference, reference, reference)

Enjoy the clip

Got any comments you want to make?

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip



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