31 days project: Day 25

Day 25 of the big naked pain and brain campaign – seek forgiveness

Here’s another clip from the movie My Life. It highlights how frustration and anger can fuel pain and suffering. It explains a physical metaphor of using your own finger to move into your chest and experience the emotion and feelings that are felt in your heart in an attempt to change them.  Giving our locus of control to medicine, pain is often associated with a body part that has sustained trauma. An association cascade begins, sometimes we even attend to our body in the third person. The back is still playing up, the ankle is still sore etc….. We have a perception that medicine will remove whatever it is that is perceived to be associated with pain with the expectation of pain diminishing.  Pain itself cannot be removed, the body part or disease we associate with pain can be removed or treated with the expectation the pain will therefore also be removed. That is an erroneous conclusion. Consider phantom limb pain. Understanding why we experience pain and the other dimensions that contribute can help us move forwards and enjoy a healthy and active life.

Hope you enjoy this clip

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