31 Days Project: Day 24

Day 24 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign: Threat overrides adrenalin

I really like this clip in this movie but then it is a great movie! Point Break is Patrick Swayze’s finest! Well some might argue Dirty Dancing but lets not get ahead of ourselves and we are getting off topic. This clip sees Johnny Utah in hot pursuit of the ex-president. Earlier in the movie we learn of Johnny hurting his knee so badly that he can no longer play pro-football (American football). Johnny is jumping off cars, jumping over fences, running, twisting, turning, smashing through windows and rolling down banks and at no point does this hurt his knee. Lowering himself off a high wall he pays the ultimate price and his knee gives way. Then the classic shooting of the gun in the air! Yes there are lots of reasons why this happens. We could discuss this for hours. I leave it to you to offer your suggestions…..

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip



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