Clinicians Get Creative: Version 2




YES FOLKS, CLINICIANS GET CREATIVE RETURNS!  On the success and reception from clinicians get creative at San Diego Pain Summit (SDPS) 2016, it will be returning to SDPS 2017, this time with a podium slot! Wow!

Clinicians get creative was inspired by our need and abilities to think critically and creatively, not just in the delivery of our communication skills but also through theoretical and practical applications.

Next years clinicians get creative will involve much more of an interactive theme and also a look at our ways of delivering creativity past, present and future.

As last year I would like to invite you to show others how you get people going again and help people to learn to live well with pain.

Here’s what we would like you to do:

  1. I want to invite you to email me your creative minds! To get your images, videos, practical ideas that you have made to help your patients make sense of pain, get them going again and help them to learn to live well with pain. It could be a single image with a message or a Journey metaphor, or a story that you tell to your patients. In addition if you could give a short paragraph of how you use your image and what message you aim to get from it. (
  2. I would also like your reflections of past, present and future on how you have changed your communication delivery, what things you have scrapped, adapted and introduced into your clinical practice
  3. Rajam and I would like a minimum of 15 – 20 images. (we will be displaying last years again, with permission of those individuals that submitted last year) We are looking for just 1 from  you. Depending on the response there could be more.
  4. Your images or pictures will then be displayed at next years San Diego Pain Summit. You don’t need to be in attendance at the summit (as you can buy a live stream ticket and interact that way!), but it’s a way to get your creative genius seen by all.
  5. At the summit I will be presenting the images and the short supporting story. (If you are attending the summit or on the live feed you can have the opportunity to discuss your own image). There will then be an opportunity share our thoughts about the pictures. i.e. would you use it in your practice? why you like it? what message does it give you? Is it a hindrance or helpful? How does it embrace creative and critical thinking?

It was such a success last year it has inspired Rajam to hold round table conversations, embracing collaboration, exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences and identifying how we can be influenced by our biases. We would love as many people to contribute and collaborate in this as it will help to bring together an international community of clinicians and to show the creativity of those that may not have the opportunity to share with others.

So get your creativity hats on! Be imaginative as you want! We want practical ideas as well that you might do in group work with people! You have 5 months! I can’t wait to see what creative genius we have out there!

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions and I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks for having a read and email me your images at:


N.B. Your images will be protected throughout and photography will be prohibited during the 1 hour session. We want to honour and at the same time respect the hard work of those individuals that put their time and effort into their images and making changes for patients.

P.S. I had to add this 6 minute video as it embraces what clinicians get creative strives towards, to broaden our creative and critical thinking and to show that our patients are learners too. Enjoy!

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