31 days project: Day 31

Day 31 the final day of the 31 days project – getting stronger!

I thought about the final clip a lot and pondered on a few ideas taking suggestions from other people interested in the project and the end result seemed to fit. I think it was best to end with this clip. The rocky films have so many inspirational messages and references to hard work, following your dreams, achieving your goals and overcoming what sometimes can be seen as the impossible. This clip shows how one individual with the support of people close to him, his community, his determination and individual spirit shows that he achieves his goal. Persistent pain sufferers don’t have to have a goal of going 12 rounds against Rocky but they can set SMART goals to achieve something that is meaningful to them, this is really important. The support of health professionals, community, family, friends, patient experts and self-empowerment can make that goal all the more achievable. Focusing on your gains instead of pain can show you that you are getting stronger. The more you gain the more you retain.

Enjoy the clip and thanks so much for following my Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign. I’ve really enjoyed putting this together and have had some great reactions to the videos and my thoughts.  I want to thank those that participated in some way either through providing ideas and referencing of articles. Thanks to all of you that have shared their thoughts it was a wonderful learning experience and a lot of fun putting it together. 31 days is certainly a challenge and I’m happy to end it on a high.

Thank you all again



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