31 Days Project: Day 13

Day 13 of the big naked pain and brain campaign – something jumped up and bit me!!

Today we look at a classic movie Forest Gump.  In this clip Forest is saving his platoon whilst in Vietnam. As he is running out to safety he feels something jump up and bite him. Yet he gets up and continues saving his platoon. Now I would imagine being shot in the backside would be pretty painful.  However there are real life accounts of soldiers during the WWII, Vietnam war having horrific injuries but not experiencing any pain, requiring very little morphine or no pain medication at any stage (reference, reference). It was concluded that the threat of being faced with death everyday was far more dangerous than surviving the war with an amputated limb and earning a trip home.  Now we could argue that it is adrenalin which of course would be right! In the context of the situation, Forest in this case was all about saving his Platoon and saving Bubba- fight or flight, but it was also not advantageous for Forest to writhe around in agony because he would have failed his mission of finding Bubba.

Enjoy the clip

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