Mirror Mirror on the wall why do I experience pain with no movement at all?

Mirror mirror on the wall why do I experience pain with no movement at all? It's your mirror neurons. Mirror neurons? What on earth are those? You might not believe it and it's certainly not the stuff of fairy tales but mirror neurons were apparently discovered in the brain having an important role in allowing animals to understand movement. Mirror neurons are understood to be specialized nerves that actually fire when you recognize a movement performed by another individual. In the context of pain that is pretty important. The following post will discuss how mirror neurons might play a significant part in your pain experience.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitated: Change

The final part of my Pain series had intended to look at the current management approaches for persistent pain. I thought about this and decided against it. Why? Well teaching you to suck eggs is not the way. I could offer the same as everyone else - solutions, guidance, strategies to empower you, to aid in the management of pain which has, in part, been highlighted in this pain series journey, but I won't. Instead I'll share my thoughts on physiotherapy and how new evidence is paving to what I believe could be a more refined direction for Physiotherapy......