31 days project – Understanding Pain

Hi guys

Welcome to the entire back catalogue of my 31 days project. I have placed all the days down for quick reference for you to glance at….  there a lots of messages here about why pain happens, how it happens and what causes it to happen. There are also clips on how to manage your pain.

Hope you enjoy and if you want to chat about any of them then please drop me a comment or email at thenakedphysio@gmail.com

31 days Project: Understanding Pain

Prelude – Pleasure or pain?

Day 1 – Tom and Jerry

Day 2 – The brain controls pain

Day 3 – the tooth beaver

Day 4 – zombies

Day 5 – elephants, elephants, elephants

Day 6 – parasite up your butt

Day 7 – The pitfalls of modern medicine

Day 8 – pain in a dream state

Day 9 – What is real?

Day 10 – Dr OZ and those Jam doughnuts

Day 11 – fear leads to anger

Day 12 – the everlasting itch

Day 13 – something jumped up and bit me

Day 14 – knowing the path and walking the path

Day 15 – I can only show you the door

Day 16 – Pleasure or pain

Day 17 – Pain storm metaphor

Day 18 – music to my ears

Day 19 – memories can be overwhelming

Day 20 – I know what you know before you know

Day 21 – PTSD memory and pain

Day 22 – Fear is a choice

Day 23 – Pain nightmare metaphor

Day 24 – threat overrides adrenalin

Day 25 – seek forgiveness

Day 26 – you should be dancing

Day 27 – Hope again

Day 28 – Don’t ever let anyone tell you you cant do something

Day 29 – I just felt like running

Day 30 – forgiveness and acceptance

Day 31 – getting stronger

Day 31.1The Popsicle!

Day 31.2 – Do or do not, there is no try

Day 31.3 – The backwards bike

Day 31.4 – The Extended Mind

Day 31.5 – Don’t think you are know you are

Day 31.6Connectivity

Day 31.7 – Forrest Gump, Physiology and Philosophy of Running

Day 31.8 – The power of touch

Day 31.9 – Gollum and the empty chair

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