Reasoning Exercise Dosage for Persistent Pain: Physio First In Touch Magazine Article.

It was quite the honour to be asked by the Physio First team in the UK to write an article for their In Touch magazine.

To have one of my blogposts resonate with a major physio organisation back in my home country was something very special.

I was fortunate to have completed a sports and performance degree prior to my physio degree, with exercise physiology being a significant part of the curriculum. Since completing physio and knowing that pain management was what I wanted to do from day 1, I recognised some of the comparisons between pain physiology and exercise physiology.

I hope that this article is informative and helpful in that it draws upon my reading and interest in this important and under utilised area in physiotherapy.

Many thanks to Physio First for giving me the opportunity to share this.

Click the link to access the article

Reasoning Exercise Dosage for Persistent Pain: In Touch Article.







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