31 Days Project: Reprise: The Backwards Bike

Yes it’s Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign again! I am always on the hunt for new videos, films, educational skits and always on the look out for suggestions from followers that want to contribute to TBNPABC.

Understanding pain, it’s as easy as learning to ride a bike!

This reprise is a favourite of mine.  The Backwards Bike is a simple way of understanding how our brains develop over our lifetime and how long it can take for us as adults to shift our thinking or learn a new skill, remember though different strokes for different folks.

The part I would like to highlight is where Destin talks about the moment he was able to learn to ride the bike but as soon as he lost his concentration he would flip back over to the old algorithm and he would come off the bike.

So for people learning to live well with pain it can feel like this in the beginning particularly dealing with high levels of fear and low self-efficacy towards activities or movements that may be associated with pain. Lots of subtle changes in your thinking and function can tip you off the bike

The more that you gradually practice the more you strengthen the algorithm towards thoughtless, fearless movement. It’s important to note that there may always be things that tip you off the bike, understanding it though gives you a bit of wiggle room providing you with the ability to flexibly persist.

I have a backwards bike on order!





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