31 days project: Day 9

Day 9 of the big naked pain and brain campaign – What is real?

The Matrix is a film that embraces the realm of virtual reality.  This clip sees Morpheus explaining to Neo what the matrix is and how what we feel, see and touch is merely electrical signals interpreted by your brain…. uh are we really in the matrix??? Virtual reality is highly immersive. It is beginning to allow neuroscience to explore virtual worlds within safe environments but influencing what you experience in your peri-personal space. It sounds complicated but essentially it is exactly what morpheus and Neo experience in this clip.

Interestingly there is a neurological condition called Agnosia, which can occur as a result of a stroke or neurological disorder resulting in an inability to process information (reference). Agnosia can present itself in many forms including (to name a few):

Astereognosis – A difficulty to recognize objects by touch based on its texture, size and weight

Prosopagnosia – An inability to consciously recognize familiar faces, sometimes even including their own

Visual Agnosia – An inability to recognize objects

Hope you enjoyed the clip, got any comments?



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