31 Days Project: The Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign: Day 27

Day 27 of the Big Naked Pain and Brain Campaign: Hope Again

Today’s clip refers to an individual that has lost his way. In this scene from x-men days of future past Charles speaks to his future self about how he is surrounded by pain and overwhelmed by it. How being afraid of our pain can make us lose hope when trying to find a solution. Perhaps it is not completely about finding a solution? Perhaps it is better to understand the mechanisms that science is teaching about pain, which is contextual. There are many forces and influences in this world that have an effect on our pain experience. Understanding the speed bumps along the way can help us to overcome them and move forward, understanding that we can have hope in being positive and living an active and healthy life in and out of the presence of pain.

Have any thoughts?

Tune in tomorrow for the next clip




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