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Welcome to The Naked Physio Podcast (TNPP)

(or The Notions of Pain Podcast)

TNP Podcast

The Naked Physio Natters Podcast intends to bare all……… with other health professionals from around the world. I am a one man band and so I’m all about being simple. I intend to share my notions of pain science with other clinicians in order to deliver straight forward, honest advice to my listeners.

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Notion 1 – Talking back pain with Ben Darlow.

In this first session Ben and I discuss his recent papers on communication and the evidence around back pain

Notion 2 – Pain management chat with Pain Toolkits Pete Moore

In session 2 I chat to Pete Moore from the Pain Toolkit to discuss his own experiences with back pain and how he founded the pain toolkit. We also discuss strategies and tips from the pain toolkit

Notion 3 – Understanding pain with Bronnie Lennox Thompson

Session 3 of the TNP Podcast catches up with Bronnie Thompson. We chat about the complex beast that is pain, the multi-dimensional aspects of pain and future directions.

Notion 4 – Notions of pelvic health with Elaine Miller

In this session I chat to Elaine Miller about pelvic matters and tips on what to do if you have water work issues.

Notion 5 – Q&A on tendinopathy with Hamish Ashton from Sports Physiotherapy NZ

Hamish Ashton shares his Knowledge and the evidence on tendinopathy.

Notion 6 – The changing landscape of physio with CPNs Dave Nicholls

Dave and I discuss what changes the physiotherapy profession need to make to meet the needs of an ever changing society.

Notion 7 – Crossfit chat with Antony Lo the physiodetective

Antony and I discuss the controversy around crossfit and paint a different picture of a very holistic exercise philosophy.

Notion 8 – Trying to get a bit more shuteye with Juliet Horne

Juliet shares her research about understanding sleep, its relationship with pain and what strategies we can use to get better sleep.

Notion 9 – A chat with Ben Darlow about his latest paper

I get together with Ben again to discuss his research paper on the impact language and terminology has on back pain.

Notion 10 – Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Kevin Vowles

Kevin and I chat about acceptance and commitment therapy and how physiotherapists can use in their practice.

Notion 11 – Exposure therapy with the pain science and sensibility podcast and Bronnie Lennox Thompson

I chat to Cory Blickenstaff, Sandy Hilton and Bronnie Lennox Thompson about the recent maximising exposure therapy paper and it’s application in pain science.

Notion 12 – Graded Exposure

I chat with Cory Blickenstaff, Joletta Belton and Jason Erikson about using graded exposure and other strategies in clinical practice.

Notion 13 – Graded Exposure part 2

I chat with Cory Blickenstaff, Joletta Belton and Jason Erikson about using graded exposure and other strategies in clinical practice.

Notion 14 – A chat with Lou James from Pinc & Steel Cancer society

Lou James and I talk about her journey with developing better cancer rehab to individuals living with cancer and getting the rehabilitation they need outside of the public medical system.

Notion 15 – Understanding Headaches with Kerstin Leudtke

I chat with Kerstin about her research into understanding headaches, what to look for and ideas for treatment.


3 responses to “The Naked Physio Podcast”

  1. Mel Stephenson Avatar

    Particularly liked Ben’s point about clinical advice appropriate to the short term, e.g. “no heavy lifting” (til your surgery is completely healed) can be heard by the patient as “Lifting is terrible for your back. No lifting, ever again.” We all need to get better at double checking that if our advice comes with a time limit we remember to tell the patient that…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the naked physio Avatar

      Hi Mel
      Thanks for your comment. Absolutely where we think we are being helpful, in the long term it may be a hindrance. The message as we so often see can be taken very literally. I hear patients saying it to me all the time, such as “I was told not to lift or won’t be able to play tennis” I am always curious and ask “did they say how long for?” Usually the answer is “No” So this puts the patient in a state of limbo. Over time this can then make the patient question themselves about doing other activities, resulting in a loss of control.

      Thanks again


  2. Hannes Brunner Avatar
    Hannes Brunner

    Hi, I´d like to follow your podcast, could you please provide the soundcloud rss-feed adress, then I could follow it using my normal podcasting app 🙂

    (it can be found in “settings” / “content” in soundcloud)

    thanks a lot and keep it up!



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